Hi I'm Mic and I paint portraits and teach art with cappuccino on the side.

The aim of my work is to create emotional connections and boost joy. I compose my portraits from a library of faces I have stored in my memory and use classical oil painting techniques and my iPhone to capture a slice of what is familiar to all of us.


Leaving my birthplace, Quezon City, Philippines at a young age to live in Germany, Israel and the U.S., I became a people watching maniac. Most of the time, my language skills weren't sufficient, so my keen observation skills of people's subtle expressions helped me connect with others more effectively. I also learned the power of a smile.

As a teen in 1986, I lost my father tragically and went through intense sadness. The same year, I was invited to church and embraced a newly found joy in my faith.

My portraits are fueled by this joy as I experiment with contemporary colors and compositions that give off positive energy. In a world that can be stressful, chaotic and gloomy, my paintings make a counter statement of encouragement, joy and creativity by highlighting glimpses of our wonderfully shared humanity.

"Selfie" was Oxford Dictionary's word of the year in 2013 and I've used this concept for my series, bridging the classical theme of portraiture with today's technological culture